We develop, construct, manufacture, deliver and assemble for you a custom-built biogas mixer.  The paddle-mixers are used inside of hydrolysis tanks. Due to the strong design, the paddle-arms can stand against high loads. Therefore the welding’s must be carried our very carefully.

Besides, our new paddle-mixer is supplied with the special designed ground bearing which guarantees a smooth running, so that system faults caused be blockage can be almost avoided.



This mixer is designed to be used in hydrolysis tanks. These mixers can be designed for horizontal or vertical installation, depending on tank shape, biomass and individual requirements.


Important Note:

Paddle-mixers are only able to mix the biomass inside its own paddle-arm-radius. That means that the paddle-mixers are generally not able to circulate the complete hydrolysis-tank volume.

If the complete tank volume should be circulated we recomend our NEW Universal-Intermix UD-Mixer.


Special Benefits:

  • Individual construction according to our customer’s requirements.
  • Construction and determination acc. to our customer’s requirements.

The following material are available:

  • Steel-galvanized or coated
  • Typical stainless steels (s.s) like s.s. 304 or s.s. 316 / s.s. 316 Ti
  • For special requirements we can even offer special materials

The following options are available:

  • R-Bio-6= agitator with 6 arms
  • R-Bio-8= agitator with 8 arms
  • R-Bio-10= agitator with 10 arms



Mixer shaft and supports right after welding

Mixer during primer and painting process


Mixer shaft suspended from a crane. Ready for assembling


Mixer during assembling process

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