We develop, construct, manufacture and supply several types of tanks, boilers and vessels for different applications and industrial branches. We supply tanks and vessels which meet the requirements of the Water Resources Act (WHG) in Germany, or the proof for professional welding acc. to HP0.

We manufacture tanks and vessels with or without internal overpressure, single- or double-walled with or without leakage control, tillable, stackable, portable or including wheels. We supply exactly the tank or vessel you need.

The usually supplied materials are steel zinc plated or with a coating or for higher applications standard stainless steel material without or with Molybdenum like s.s. 304, s.s. 316, ss.316Ti or similar materials. For even higher aggressive application we supply special materials like duplex or super duplex alloy or other alloys according to the requirement of the application.


The vessels, boilers and tanks constructed and manufactured by STB Environmental Technology can be used in several industrial sectors. For example for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and also for water and waste water treatment industries.

Special Benefits:

  • Individual construction according to our customer’s requirements.
  • Construction and determination acc. to our customer’s requirements.

The following material are available:

  • Steel-galvanized or coated
  • Typical stainless steels (s.s) like s.s. 304 or s.s. 316 / s.s. 316 Ti
  • Aluminium
  • For special requirements we can even offer special stainless steels like Duplex, Hastelloy, Incolloy or others
  • Glas for sight glass

The following options are available:

  • TB-FE= single-walled vessels for coating, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • TB-FD= Double-walled vessels for coating, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for cooling or heating
  • TB-K= Container tillable, forklift emptying or crane transport possible
  • TB-D= Cover, single or multi parts especially for coating or chemic industry
  • TB-S= Stackable vessels
  • TB-P= Pressure vessel
  • TB-BS= (pressure) vessel system (several vessels in one system)
  • TB-WHG= WHG approved vessels and tanks
  • TB-TRD = Pressure vessels
  • TB-SA     = special application designs

Picture on the right:

Pressure vessel DN 600 manhole and adjustable opening device.


If you would like to get mor detailed informations about our complete vessel, boiles and tank scope of supply you can jump to our separate STB-Vessels, Boilers and Tanks-page. In that case you are leavin the STB-Environmental-Equipment-page an jump to the separate STB-vessels-boilers-and-tanks-page. Please take note, that this page is only available written in German, at the moment.


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