We design, construct and deliver our bridges, platforms, staircases and ladders according our customer’s requirements. We supply simple stairs and staircases and flights with one or several platforms as well as complete staircases for several floors.

We supply standard ladders with 300, 400 or 500 mm width. The standard rungs have two perforation rows.



Bridges are generally used to support machines like mixers or DAF tanks. In that case the bridges are also used for maintenance works, as well.

Ladders will be used at our machines and to get on platforms at tanks and silos. There are several constructions and materials available. We offer ladders made of steel galvanized or powder coated, made of stainless steel and aluminum. For special applications we even offer special stainless steel alloys like Duplex, Hastelloy and Incolloy materials.

Shaft ladders can be used for shaft applications. Shaft ladders are not available made of aluminum, due to the fact that aluminum is generally not recommendable in explosion proof areas, because of the low fusion point of aluminum.

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