Small and midium size products are manufactured on special welding-clamping tables. Because, on those working-tables the products can be adjusted and fixed exactly to achive perfect measurements according to the required drawings.

Since 2015 we additional have implemented a continous welding process inspection. Our welding engineer carries out a welding procedure sheet for all welding processes not only for subjects to acceptance.

Welding electrodes and welding wires are stored separately and unmistakeably sorted.

Heating tubes to warm-up the electrodes are available.

We also control and ensure T85-temperatures during the welding process.

We have welding procedure qualifications for all welding processes, which we carry out. We cooperate with TÜV/MOT and SLV Mannheim (Welding Training and Research Institute).



We offer the welding processes of WIG/TIG-welding, MIG/MAG-welding, MMA-welding and also robotized welding.

We process the following materials:

  • Normal carbon steels, fine-grained steel, heat-resistant steels
  • Aluminium and Aluminium alloys
  • Standard stainless steels
  • Austenitic stainles steels like 1.4539
  • Duplex-stainless steels like 1.4462
  • Nickel-base-alloys like Hastelloy, Incolloy, Monel


The following list gives an overview about the most common used stainless steel materials in our company.

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